The Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR) provides statistical expertise and collaboration to cancer center investigators on all phases of basic science, translational, clinical, and epidemiological research, including studies of health services, cancer care delivery and cancer prediction and prevention. The resource currently includes several doctoral and master level statisticians with primary appointments in the Division of Biostatistics in the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health.  Statistical expertise in the BSR includes design of laboratory experiments, clinical trials, epidemiologic methods, analytical methods for genetics, genomics, microbiome and other high dimensional data, machine learning, and comparative effectiveness research.  This diversity in expertise ensures that the appropriate type and level of methodological support are available for each cancer project.

  • Statistical Support for:
  • Study design: determination of the appropriate experimental design; selection of study population; outcome definitions; sample size calculations; strategies for data monitoring
  • Protocol and grant development: formulation of hypotheses and specific aims, devising the analytic plan
  • Study conduct: randomization methods, development of data collection instruments, patient tracking and follow-up procedures, interim monitoring for safety and efficacy
  • Data presentation and analysis: identification of appropriate graphical and statistical approaches for presenting, summarizing and analyzing data
  • Manuscript preparation

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Location and Contacts

Biostatistics Belfer 1303
  • Xiaonan (Nan) Xue, Ph.D.
    Scientific Director

  • Tao Wang, Ph.D.
    Associate Director

  • Ryung Kim, PhD
    Associate Director