Gene Modification

The Gene Modification Facility is offering services for gene modification in cell lines and in conjunction with the Gene Targeting and Transgenic Mouse Facilities for the complete generation of gene targeted mouse lines including the generation of conventional gene knockouts, conditional knockouts, knock-in mutations and the generation of tagged proteins by conventional homologous recombination based gene targeting strategies or CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats)-mediated gene targeting strategies. CRISPR can shorten the time frame of gene targeted mouse production remarkably and the gene targeted mice can be generated as fast as 2-4 months. Services for each individual step involved in the generation of gene targeted mouse lines are also offered.

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Related Shared Facilities

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Center Affiliations

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  • Winfried Edelmann, PhD
    Scientific Director

  • Yongwei Zhang, PhD
    Operations Director