The Genomics Core serves the Einstein scientific community by providing a broad range of services, utilizing current and emerging nucleic acid technologies. Single-cell assays, MPS, Microarrays, real-time PCR, Sanger sequencing and assay automation are available. The Core provides a number of technologies for genotyping DNA from humans or model organisms, varying from SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) typing to targeted sequencing for variant discovery.

  • SEQUENCING, massively-parallel assays for expression (RNA-seq), resequencing (whole genome or targeted using capture techniques) or de novo sequencing
  • SEQUENCING, Traditional:Plasmid and PCR product sequencing
  • MICROARRAYS: Gene Expression, Exon, SNP arrays from Affymetrix
  • DNA PURIFICATION:Plasmid and PCR product purification
  • FRAGMENT ANALYSIS: High resolution fluorescent electrophoresis
  • PYROSEQUENCING: SNP typing and CpG methylation
  • SEQUENOM: SNP typing, CpG methylation, Gene Expression
  • REAL-TIME PCR: Sybr Green and Taqman assays

Center Affiliations
Center Affiliations

Montefiore Einstein Cancer Center

Location and Contacts

Genomics Ullmann 1203
  • Bernice Morrow, Ph.D.
    Scientific Director

  • David Reynolds
    Operations Director