The Hybridoma Facility will produce monoclonal antibodies to antigens provided by investigators. For most investigators, the staff of the facility will carry out the whole process from immunization through the final cloning, freezing and production of mAb. In general Dr. Scharff and Ms. Buhl will meet with the Principle Investigator, or his or her representative, to discuss the scientific problem and make decisions about how to immunize animals, to screen for positive hybridomas once a fusion is done and on the types of antibodies that are required. In cases where the screen for positive hybridomas requires special expertise, someone from the PI’s lab participates in the initial screening. Subsequent cloning and freezing is done by the facility and key clones are stored as a backup for investigators. In the course of making the hybridomas, students and fellows can receive training on how to carry out the hybridoma technology. We also provide advice and letters of support for grant applications that involve making and using monoclonal antibodies.

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Hybridoma Chanin 404 & 430
  • Matthew D. Scharff, M.D.
    Scientific Director

  • Susan Buhl
    Associate Director