Flow Cytometry


The Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides a broad range of equipment and services for the analysis and isolation of cells and other similar-sized particles based on fluorescent labeling. Four high-speed cell sorters are available to enable optimized sorting of highly purified cells, subcellular organelles or bacteria. The facility also supports a variety of analytical flow cytometers capable of performing basic to advanced multiparameter fluorescence analysis of many types of cell suspensions as well as analysis of intracellular signaling. An experienced staff of technical experts provides instruction in the design, execution and analysis of flow cytometry-based studies.


  • High-speed cell sorting using MoFlo and FACSAria cell sorters
  • Basic and advanced analytical flow cytometry using DXP10 Calibur, FACSCanto II and BD LSR-II analyzers
  • Laser scanning cytometry using Compucyte iCys
  • Magnetic antibody-bead-based sorting (Miltenyi Biotec SuperMACS)
  • Training in the use of all analytical instruments and FACSAria cell sorters
  • Resources and training for flow cytometry data analysis
  • Consultation on experimental design and protocol development
  • Seminars and training courses in basic, advanced and new emerging flow cytometry techniques

Location and Contacts

Flow Cytometry

Chanin 307 A&B, 308, 309 (main lab), Price/Block 159 A&B


Scientific Director
Steven Porcelli, M.D.

Operations Director
Jinghang Zhang, M.D.