Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Core


The Human Pluripotent Stem Cell facility continuously evaluates emerging technologies and is now offering both feeder-based and feeder-free cultures in chemically defined mTeSR or in N2/B27 media. The Core is currently offering the generation of iPS cells with two transgene-free methods: 1) using episomes (based on the Yamanaka plasmids); or 2) using Sendai virus.   


  • Reprogramming of fibroblasts or blood cells into Induced human pluripotent stem cell (iPSCs).
  • Gene editing in iPSCs
  • Site-specific insertions in iPSCs
  • Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) culture
  • Production of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells from iPSCs (iHSPCs)
  • Production of microglia from iPSCs (iMGs)
  • Production of mesenchymal stem cells from iPSCs (iMSCs)
  • Processing of primary tissue (blood, skin biopsy etc…)
  • Production of fibroblast culture

Location and Contacts

Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Core

Ullmann 925


Scientific Director
Eric Bouhassira, Ph.D.