What is the Timeline for Routine NBS and ScreenPlus?

Day 0: Baby is born at one of the eight ScreenPlus pilot hospitals in New York State.

Day 0-2: Parent(s) are approached by a study team member to learn more about ScreenPlus, and agree to be part of the study. This will take place either in-person after their baby is born, or through a call shortly after discharge.

Day 0-2: Blood sample is taken from baby for both routine NBS and ScreenPlus NBS by experienced hospital staff.

Day 2: Sample is sent to NY State Lab and tested for >50 routine disorders and 14 ScreenPlus disorders.

ScreenPlus only

Day 21-28: Parent(s) are contacted if results for any of 14 ScreenPlus disorders are abnormal.

Day 28: All abnormal or uncertain tests results have been reported to parent(s). Normal results are reported on New York State NBS website via the secure Health Commerce System, and are available to the baby’s pediatrician.

Parent(s) are connected to experienced, caring doctors if their baby needs further treatment.