Laboratory of Margarita Vigodner, Ph.D.



Dr. Margarita Vigodner's Lab:

Our previous research work focused on the studies of spermatogenesis and the development of new methodologies using flow cytometry and confocal microscopy for monitoring germ cell progression and to distinguish between normal and abnormal spermatogenesis.

Current research project in my group focuses on the characterization of the role of novel small proteins known as SUMO (small-ubiquitin-related modifiers) in testicular cells, sperm, stress response in the testis and the development of the testicular cancer.

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Dr. Vigodner's laboratory is located at the Stern College for Women. We have lead research advancing the understanding of the regulation and the development of germ cells.

We have so far focused in spermatocyte regulation and the role of post translational modification of proteins during germ cell differentiation. In particular we have been developing research elucidating the role of SUMO (small ubiquitin related modifiers) in the preparation for meiosis and further differentiation.

The laboratoy is composed of Prof. Vigodner (Principal Investigator), Ms Schiff (Technician), and Dr. Xiao (Post-Doc), and Dr Lucas (Research Associate and Lecturer) and several students receiving hands on training in the laboratory.

Our current projects:

Project 1: Understanding the role of sumoylation during spermatogenesis (supported by NIH).   

Project 2: Understanding the effect of tobacco smoke on cell signaling (FAMRI supported).   

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