M.D. Program


The Office of Medical Education, headed by Dr. Joshua D. Nosanchuk, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, oversees all aspects of the planning, monitoring, and delivery of the medical education curriculum at Einstein.

The deans, directors, and staff of the Office of Medical Education bring many years of experience and dedication to the tasks of overseeing curricular content and ensuring its efficient delivery, providing appropriate electronic resources to enhance both faculty teaching and student learning, monitoring educational outcomes through a comprehensive program of course and clerkship evaluation, addressing the needs of our under-represented minority medical students, and providing faculty with the resources to enhance their skills as medical educators.

Einstein students may also complete an MPH through an Einstein/City University of New York program (http://www.einsteinmed.org/education/einstein-cuny-md-mph/), an Einstein/Cardoza Masters of Science in Clinical Research Methods (http://einsteinmed.org/centers/ictr/education/clinical-research-training-program/), or an Einstein Masters of Science in Bioethics (https://bioethics-einstein.com/)

All of the following are part of the Office of Medical Education. You can read about each one in more detail by clicking on the respective link.

The office also manages the school’s Education Center, which fuses innovation in technology and flexible spaces designed to promote interactive large and small group learning. Einstein's Educational Informatics group manages the components of the educational technologies that enable our faculty and students to teach and learn. Course, clerkship and instructor evaluations, which the Program Outcomes and Evaluations team oversees yield valuable feedback to the administration. And the Educational Support Services team provides support to students and faculty across all four years of the curriculum.

Einstein understands the importance of recognizing excellence in teaching. To that end OME oversees the annual education awards program, including the selection of individuals to the Leo M. Davidoff Society. Go to the education awards pages to read about the society, and for a description of the education awards as well as lists of previous recipients.


Educational Mission

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine prepares physicians who will excel in both the science and the art of medicine. The M.D. Program supports the overaching mission and goals of Einstein (http://einsteinmed.org/about/). Our founding mandate has been to combine the pursuit of scientific excellence with the social mission to improve human health through engagement in our local, national, and global communities.

Einstein’s dynamic curriculum offers its students the ability to combine a solid foundation in the biomedical and population health sciences and rigorous, hands-on clinical training with the flexibility to pursue their interests in research and to meet the healthcare needs of underserved populations in the Bronx, the greater New York metropolitan area, and beyond. Einstein attracts a diverse student body and provides a collegial and collaborative environment that fosters our students’ growth as future clinicians, educators, physician scientists, and leaders in the field.

Ours is the only institution in the world to which Albert Einstein agreed to give his name. In addition to his stature as a scientist, Einstein’s moral and compassionate views on human affairs place him clearly in the camp of philosopher and humanist as well as scientist. Our students and faculty - indeed, all members of our community - continue to honor his legacy. Our graduates are committed to providing exceptional and compassionate clinical care as well as to the lifelong pursuit of biomedical knowledge that will improve the standard of medical care for all.

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