Bernice Morrow Lab

Current Members: Hiroko Nomaru


Hiroko Nomaru, Ph.D.



Ph.D., Ph.D. Course in Graduate School of Medical Science, Kyushu University

MS, Master Course in Graduate School of Medical Science, Kyushu University

BS, School of Agriculture, Kyushu University

Research interest:

During her Ph.D., Hiroko studied about the transcription factor related to psychiatric diseases. Her interest is the transcription regulation of transcription factors, thus she studies Tbx1 function in heart development in the Morrow Lab.

Previous publications:

  1. Akitoyo Hishimoto*, Hiroko Nomaru*, Kenny Ye, Akira Nishi, Jihyeon Lim, Jennifer T Aguilan, Edward Nieves, Gina Kang, Ruth Hogue Angeletti, Noboru Hiroi. (2016) Molecular histochemistry identifies peptidomic organization and reorganization along striatal projection units. Biol. Psychiatry. 79, 415-20. *These authors equally contributed to this work.
  2. Nomaru H, Sakumi K, Katogi A, Ohnishi YN, Kajitani K, Tsuchimoto D, Nestler EJ, and Nakabeppu Y. (2014) Fosb gene products contribute to excitotoxic microglial activation by regulating the expression of complement C5a receptors in microglia. GLIA, 62, 1284-98.
  3. Kajitani K, Kobayakawa Y, Nomaru H, Kadoya T, Horie H, Nakabeppu Y. (2014) Characterization of galectin-1-positive cells in the mouse hippocampus. Neuroreport. 25, 171-176.
  4. Yutsudo, N., Kamada, T., Kajitani, K., Nomaru, H., Katogi, A., Ohnishi, Y. H., Ohnishi, Y. N., Takase, K., Sakumi, K., Shigeto, H., and Nakabeppu, Y. (2013) fosB-Null Mice Display Impaired Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Spontaneous Epilepsy with Depressive Behavior. Neuropsychopharmacology 38, 895-906.
  5. Sheng Z, Oka S, Tsuchimoto D, Abolhassani N, Nomaru H, Sakumi K, Yamada H, Nakabeppu Y. (2012) 8-Oxoguanine causes neurodegeneration during MUTYH-mediated DNA base excision repair. J Clin Invest. 122, 4344-4361.
  6. Ohnishi YN, Ohnishi YH, Hokama M, Nomaru H, Yamazaki K, Tominaga Y, Sakumi K, Nestler EJ, Nakabeppu Y. (2011) FosB Is Essential for the Enhancement of Stress Tolerance and Antagonizes Locomotor Sensitization by ΔFosB. Biol Psychiatry. 70, 487-495.
  7. Kajitani, K., Nomaru, H., Ifuku, M., Yutsudo, N., Dan, Y., Miura, T., Tsuchimoto, D., Sakumi, K., Kadoya, T., Horie, H., Poirier, F., Noda, M. and Nakabeppu, Y. (2009) Galectin-1 promotes basal and kainate-induced proliferation of neural progenitors in the dentate gyrus of adult mouse hippocampus. Cell Death and Differ. 16, 417-427.

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