Graduate Program in the Biomedical Sciences

Twenty-Fifth Annual Declaration Celebration

Schedule of Events

Monday, March 22, 2021 

Time: 12 noon
Hosted via Zoom

2021 Awardees

Helen M. Belalcazar 

“The intellectual disability-associated protein KDM5 regulates synaptic structure and function”  

Mentor: Dr. Julie Secombe, Department of Genetics

Marta Gronska-Peski 

“Diverse roles of FGFRs in the hippocampal adult neurogenesis” 

Mentor: Dr. Jean Hebert, Department of Neuroscience

Joshua Weinreb 

“Uncovering the roles of DDX41 in hematopoiesis” 

Mentor: Dr. Teresa Bowman, Department of Developmental and Molecular Biology

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