Fellowship Stipend

Fellowship Stipend

Fellowship stipends are designed to cover approximately 70% of the expenses of a student global health elective. An estimated budget is required to be submitted along with the application and other required documents for your fellowship. Expenses that can be included in the budget are: airfare, program expense, visa, and lodging (if a separate cost from the program expense). Expenses that CANNOT be included in the budget are: food, personal items, and prescription items.

The GHF will give financial assistance with the cost of prescription items needed for global health travel that are not covered by insurance if:

  1. the cost to the student is over $100 and
  2. if the student has financial need, and has filled out that portion of the GHF application.

There are caps for fellowship amounts, particularly for non-Einstein programs: contact the GHF office for more information.

Checks will only be given out when student has registered for and entered itinerary into International SOS program.