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Social Media Tips

Below are some suggestions from the Philip and Rita Rosen Department of Communications and Public Affairs on how to get started on social media or to make the most of social media for your professional, official and personal use.


Your Profile

All popular social media networks include a “user profile” Where you can identify yourself. These establish your online identity and credibility, so try to keep them brief, accurate and interesting. Remember that information shared in your profile might be visible not only to those in the social network but to anyone using the Internet.


Your Content

Social media has many great uses: sharing information, learning about the world and more. However, it’s important to keep in mind that: anything you post can be tied to your name … forever, so choose your words, photos and anything else you post carefully. It’s your reputation on the line.Social media can provide exciting opportunities to connect and engage. It can remove barriers between groups and individuals and forge partnerships. A robust exchange of information and ideas happens daily on a local, regional, national and global basis. We encourage you to enter discussions on subjects about which you’re passionate and to follow us on various official Einstein social networks (see below). Let us know you’re there so we can help expand your social reach.


Links to Popular Social Networks

Here’s a list of links to some of the most popular social media networks with important information to help you get started.