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Please read the following items carefully: 

  • Applicants are invited to complete the Supplemental Application after receipt of the AMCAS application has been acknowledged with an invitation to access the "Applicant Gateway" on WebAdMIT.
  • Please note: Emails from AMCAS (regarding payment and Supplemental Application completion) go to the “permanent email address.” Emails from WebAdMIT and the Applicant Gateway go to the “Permanent email address" as well. If you would like to change the email to which acknowledgements are sent, your AMCAS application must be revised to reflect the correct email. Applicants who experience difficulty accessing the Supplemental Application, or who have problems with submitting their fees should call WebAdMIT Support at 617-612-2881.
  • The Einstein AMCAS deadline is October 15. The Supplemental Application and fee, and supporting documentation must be received by December 1.  Completion of the Supplemental Application does not mean that the entire application is complete.  The application is complete only when MCAT scores have been received, in addition to evaluations and Supplemental Application and fee. AMCAS sends reminders to applicants if letters are not received.  Applicants are responsible for communicating with AMCAS in a timely manner, otherwise the application will be delayed or not reviewed.  
  • Applicants who are international students, and applicants who have completed two prior applications are ineligible to apply.
  • Prior to submitting a  Supplemental Application, all applicants should read and consider the Class Profile and the Technical Standards links found on the admissions website. 
  • Please be certain that your application has been completed properly by checking: Completion Checklist  
  • When the application is complete, notification will be made via e-mail.


Applicants who apply to the M.D./Ph.D. program (MSTP) who decide afterward that they would prefer the M.D. program, must notify both the M.D. admissions office and the M.D./Ph.D. office, in writing. They then must be interviewed and evaluated by the M.D. admissions committee. This requirement applies also to accepted M.D./Ph. D. applicants.   


IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR THE 2022-23 ACADEMIC YEAR:  The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is not accepting applications from international students this year.  It is our hope that we will be able to consider international applications in the future.  If so, the instructions below will apply. 

Fee Waiver

Applicants may be eligible for an application fee waiver from AMCAS and for a fee reduction for the MCATs.

Please refer to: AAMC.org. Only applicants who have been granted a fee waiver (FAP) by AMCAS will be granted a Supplemental Application fee waiver by Einstein.


Application Fee

The Supplemental Application fee is $120.00 and will be collected via the Applicant Gateway on WebAdMIT, immediately following the completion of the Supplemental Application. Please note that AMEX is not accepted by TouchNet. Applicants who have a problem remitting the fee should contact WebAdMIT at 617-612-2881. 



  • If applicants are getting a “not authorized” error message, they need to clear their Browser cache and then close their browser.  This issue can also appear for applicants with multiple medical school’s gateways available to them and open in multiple browser tabs.  The system only allows one gateway open at a time and will throw this error if the applicant is trying to open multiple gateways at one time. 
  • When applicants click the correct link they will be directed to the AAMC sign-in screen.  If they do not see this screen, they are not using the correct link.  
  • The last point of confusion for applicants is where to direct inquiries related to Applicant Gateway log-in issues. If the applicant can’t access the Applicant Gateway, after following the above instructions, they should contact Applicant Support at Liaison; their contact phone number is 617-612-2881. Liaison will be able to support the applicant to determine the issue and support them until they gain access.
  • If an applicant cannot remember their AAMC username and password, or needs a password reset, they can contact the AAMC Services Contact Center at amcas@aamc.org or 202-828-0600 for help.     

Completion Checklist

Here is a quick rundown of things you’ll want to be sure you’ve done in order to complete your application to Albert Einstein College of Medicine:

  • Review our Technical Standards.
  • Complete your AMCAS application.
  • Make sure you have completed or will complete (by matriculation) the competencies for admissions.
  • You must have letters from current or former professors.  Please be sure that you can meet the letters requirements before you proceed with your Supplemental Application. Letters must be signed and on official letterhead.  Letters of recommendation must be submitted using AMCAS Letter Writer Application Service. 
  • Monitor your "AMCAS Letters Received" to make sure that the indicator is "Yes" otherwise your application will not be considered complete. 
  • When you have uploaded your Supplemental Application and your photo on the Applicant Gateway section, be sure to press the "I'm Done Uploading Documents" button, or your application will not be detected as complete.
  • Remit your application fee of $120 via the TouchNet portal in the Applicant Gateway on WebAdmit. Please note: No checks or money orders will be accepted.  
  • Upload your photo to the Applicant Gateway.  The preferred file for a photo upload is .jpg format, however if necessary, gif, .bmp, or .png are also acceptable. We recommend a passport size photo of 2x2 inches - 600 x 600 pixels.
  • Be sure to take your MCATs no later than September preceding the year of matriculation; MCAT results can not be older than 2019.
  • Make sure that all supporting documentation is received no later than December 1, 2022.

Also, please remember to keep AMCAS up-to-date regarding any changes in your address, telephone, e-mail, fax or other contact information.


The official Einstein policy document concerning the supplemental application can be found here.

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