Systems & Computational Biology

Microbiome Reading Group Meetings

 The Reading Group on Recent Advances in Microbiome Science is an informal, monthly meeting in which we discuss recent publications on the microbiome with a focus on translational applications of basic microbiome research and novel approaches for microbiome analysis and study design. We will go into some mathematical and computational details, but the major goals of this reading group are to 1) discuss higher-level conceptual issues; and 2) bring together Einstein researchers who are either interested in or currently working on microbiome-related projects.  


 For our inaugural year, the format of the meeting is borrowed from Dr. Ruben Coen-Cagli’s successful Machine Learning Reading Group Meeting. In each meeting, a volunteer chooses a paper(s) and is in charge of presenting it with slides. The volunteer shares the paper(s) at least a week in advance so everyone interested in attending has time to read and come prepared with questions/comments. The meeting typically lasts 1 to 1.5 hours, with slide presentation, questions and discussions. Everyone is welcome to attend and join the interactive discussion. We will occasionally have outside speakers as presenters but we intend this reading group to be primarily an internal resource.   


  The first meeting was on September 20th. Libusha Kelly presented the first paper, linked here:   




 Contact Libusha at or @microbegrrl if you would like to present at a future meeting (We have openings available!).