Einstein/Montefiore Department of Medicine

2015 Department of Medicine Staff Promotions

The Einstein Montefiore Department of Medicine is pleased to announce the promotions of  Deborah Deluca-Parchen, Siobhan Lally-Mckeown, and Anita Burch.

Ms. Deluca-Parchen is now Credentialing Manager for Einstein Faculty Affairs and Montefiore. She transferred to the Department of Medicine in 2009, bringing her knowledge of the appointment and promotion process from the Office of Academic Appointments, where she had served as Academic Appointments Representative since joining Einstein in 2006. From 2009 to 2015 she was assistant to Dr. Milford Fulop, Vice Chair for Appointments and Promotions for the Department of Medicine, and Administrative Secretary for Appointments and Promotions following Dr. Fulop's retirement. 

Siobhan Lally-Mckeown, formerly Credentialing Manager at Montefiore, has assumed a new role as Associate Director of the Division of Hospital Medicine at Moses.  

Anita Burch has also assumed new responsibility as Associate Director of the Division of Hospital Medicine at both the Weiler and Wakefield Divisions.

We are very pleased at these promotions, and congratulate Ms. Deluca Parchen, Ms. Lally-Mckeown, and Ms. Burch on their accomplishments.

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