Einstein/Montefiore Department of Medicine

2014 Internal Medicine Residency Graduation

2014 Graduation Highlights (3:42)

June 30, 2014 - BRONX, NY - The Einstein/Montefiore Department of Medicine grauated members of the Internal Medicine Residency Program Class of 2014 Wednesday, June 18 at a ceremony held in Montefiore Medical Center's Grand Hall.

"I would like to congratulate all of the house staff for their hard work and achievements in our program over the last three years, and for the prestigious fellowships and positions they are going on to," said Dr. Victor Schuster, Chairman of the Department of Medicine. "Our thanks go to Rosemarie Conigliaro, Program Director, for successfully leading the nation's fifth largest Medicine house staff program; to firm leaders Bettina Fries, Sheira Schlair, and Lauren Shapiro for their strong direction; and to chief residents Magni Hamso, Elena Lebduska, Eliany Mejia Lopez, Purnema Madahar, and Ewa Rakowski for all of their hard work and humor throughout the past year."  Einstein Montefiore Internal Medicine Residency Program Class of 2014
Internal Medicine Residency Program Class of 2014

Special recognition goes to this year's winners of resident awards for outstanding house officer; outstanding ambulatory care resident; house staff excellence in teaching; humanity, ethics and excellence in the practice of medicine; and dignity and commitment exhibited during internship; faculty awards for outstanding general internist, hospitalist, and subspecialist; and fellow of the year.

Outstanding Resident Awards  

Firm 1  

Nihal Patel, M.D.

Matthew Liakos, M.D.

Firm 2  

Marta Gorczyca, M.D.

Mendel Goldfinger, M.D.

Firm 3  

Daniele Massera, M.D.

Judith Griffin, M.D.

Davidoff Society Awards (Davidoff Society Award for House Staff Excellence in Teaching)

Firm 1  

Isaac Leader, M.D.

Heidi Beintrexler, M.D.

Firm 2  

Sally Xie, M.D.

Matthew Durst, M.D.

Firm 3  

Christina Cruz, M.D.

YuanPu Zheng, M.D.

Ambulatory Clinic Awards  

Firm 1  

Vedatrayee Pramanik, M.D.

Firm 2  

Brian Ciampa, M.D.

Firm 3  

Jeffrey Kroopnick, M.D.

Raman Singhal, M.D.

Matthew Florczyk Award  

Given in recognition of dignity and commitment exhibited during internship.

Brian Dorsey, M.D.

Barry Mishkin Award  

Given for humanity, ethics and excellence in the practice of medicine.

Jean Martin Mensz, M.D.

Outstanding Intern Award in Preliminary Medicine  

James Castellano, M.D.

Program Innovation Award  

Given in recognition of commitment to and improvement of the Internal Medicine residency training program.

Juan Manuel Schvartzman, M.D.

Sharon Silbiger Faculty Teaching Awards  

Outstanding General Internist: Alex Diaz de Villalvilla, M.D.

Outstanding Hospitalist: Robert Goodman, M.D.

Outstanding Subspecialist: Noah S. Kornblum, M.D.

Outstanding Fellow of the Year: Sandipani Sandilya, M.D.


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