Division of General Internal Medicine

Montefiore Comprehensive Health Care Center (CHCC)

The Montefiore Comprehensive Health Care Center (CHCC) is the ambulatory training site for the Primary Care and Social Medicine Residency Training Program. The CHCC is located in the South Bronx in the 18th Congressional district, the poorest congressional district in the nation, and serves the Morrisania and Mott-Haven sections of the Bronx. As in other impoverished and medically underserved areas, this population suffers from excess infant mortality, low birth weight, STDs, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, cancer, HIV disease, and diabetes. Over 95% of patients have incomes below 200% of Federal poverty guidelines, nearly 20% are uninsured and over 60% are covered by Medicaid.

CHCC was founded decades ago as one of the first medical facilities in the community. CHCC’s spacious facility, located on East 161st Street, a thriving commercial thoroughfare in the Bronx, provides primary care services, including adult medicine, pediatrics, pre-natal care and office gynecology as well as dental services, ophthalmology, podiatry, dermatology, and mental health and social services.

The CHCC occupies 30,000 square feet on three floors and consists of:

  • 18 internal medicine examining rooms
  • 14 pediatric examining rooms
  • 6 gynecology examining rooms
  • 5 dental rooms
  • 8 psychosocial/counseling rooms
  • 4 WIC service rooms
  • on-site pharmacy

Educational facilities at CHCC include dedicated precepting rooms for internal medicine and pediatrics, and a large conference room used for team meetings, in-service talks and community meetings.

See the CHCC website for more information.

CHCC Faculty Physicians

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