Division of Cardiology

Medicine Faculty Rank as Super Doctors 2011

Thirty-one Einstein/Montefiore Department of Medicine faculty members were chosen for the Super Doctors listing of outstanding physicians. Candidates for the list, published as a special supplement in leading newspapers and city and regional magazines, were chosen from more than thirty consumer- oriented medical specialties and identified as having attained a high degree of peer recognition or professional achievement.

The Super Doctors selection process begins with a survey of doctors, asking them to nominate colleagues they know to be exceptional in their specified field. This is supplemented by the research staff's search for doctors who have attained certain credentials, honors or professional achievements. An extensive research process follows, in which candidates are evaluated on indicators of peer recognition and professional achievement such as years of experience, hospital appointments, fellowships, professional activities, and leadership positions.

Nominees are then grouped into specialties, and doctors who have the highest scores from the nomination and evaluation steps are invited to serve on a "blue ribbon panel", reviewing and evaluating nominees from his/her area of focus. The highest-scoring doctors from this review (approximately 5% of the physicians within the respective state or region) are included on the Super Doctors list.

This year's list of members from the Department of Medicine includes:

Thomas K. Aldrich, Pulmonary Medicine

David W. Appel, Pulmonary Medicine

Lawrence Brandt, Gastroenterology

Martin N. Cohen, Cardiology

Steven R. Cohen, Dermatology

T.S. Dharmarajan (North), Internal Medicine

Norman Fleischer, Endocrinology

Robert Forman, Cardiology

Ruth Freeman (Secondary), Endocrinology

E. John Gallagher (Secondary), Emergency Medicine

Martin M. Grajower (Voluntary), Endocrinology

David Greenwald, Gastroenterology

Jay N. Gross, Cardiology

Isadore P. Gutwein (Voluntary), Gastroenterology

Missak Haigentz, Oncology

Marla Keller, Internal Medicine (Infectious Diseases)

Peter K. Keller (Voluntary), Cardiology

Philip J. Klapper (Voluntary), Pulmonary Medicine

Hilary I. Hertan (North), Gastroenterology

Mark Menegus, Cardiology

Joel Neugarten, Nephrology

Roman Perez-Soler, Oncology

Mark A. Ramirez (Voluntary), Oncology

David Rosenstreich, Allergy & Immunology

Victor L. Schuster, Nephrology

Joseph A. Sparano, Oncology

Bruce S. Spinowitz (Voluntary), Nephrology

Cy Stein, Oncology

Martin Surks, Endocrinology

Jinil Yoo (North), Nephrology

Joel Zonszein, Endocrinology

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