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Protocol Application & Tracking System (PATS)

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East Campus Web-Based Application System

Please note, the use of PATS is being phased out. Learn more about iRIS, the Einstein IRB's new paperless application system.

The East Campus IRB uses an online application system called the Protocol Application & Tracking System (PATS). Using the system, PIs (or their designees) complete Protocol Applications and Informed Consents. Amendments, Adverse Events and Progress Reports are submitted in a similar fashion. Before submission, the system checks the transactions for errors and omissions.

NOTE: Training is required in order to gain access to PATS.  Training sessions are held on the Resnick Campus (1300 Morris Park Ave, Bronx, NY 10461) unless otherwise noted. To register for a Training Session, please send the registration form to Jacqueline by email or fax (718-430-8817).

Please be advised that PIs on Montefiore Medical Center (MMC) payroll typically submit applications through the West Campus IRB, not using PATS, except when the research is federally supported (e.g. NIH grants).   

PATS Training Schedule

  Informed Consent Document Templates 

Informed Consent Document templates should be accessed in PATS. The templates below are available to copy text for revisions to existing consent documents.

Greater Than Minimal Risk  Behavioral Research  Minimal Risk 
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