Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Deadline for Submission of Protocols and Addenda

Please submit protocol renewals at least three months (3) before the expiration date through eSIRIUS.  If protocol renewals are not submitted in a timely fashion, the IACUC may not having sufficient time to review the protocol renewal before current protocol expires.  This would result in the current protocol expiring and experiments having to be discontinued. 

Submission of protocol or addendum that is incomplete or inconsistent will result in said protocol or addenda being returned and not being reviewed.  

Below please find deadline for submission of NEW protocols and addenda, which are subject to change if date of IACUC meeting is moved.  Protocol renewals are due three months before current expiration date.  

 Deadline for Submission of NEW Protocols and Addenda
to be Reviewed by IACUC

NOTE: Submission of Renewal for Expiring Protocol is 3 Months BEFORE Expiration Date 

November 2021 10/22/2021
December 2021 11/19/2021
January 2022 12/24/2021
February 2022 1/21/2022
March 2022 2/18/2022
April 2022 3/25/2022
May 2022 4/22/2022
June 2022 5/27/2022
July 2022 6/24/2022
August 2022 7/22/2022
September 2022 8/26/2022
October 2022 9/30/2022
November 2022 10/21/2022
December 2022 11/25/2022





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