Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

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IACUC Office  
Van Etten 468 
Chair of the IACUC
Dr. Louis M. Weiss

Animal Welfare Officer
Dr. Sunder Shrestha
Telephone: 718.839.7145
IACUC Administrator
Animal Welfare Compliance Coordinator
Dr. Linda Jelicks
Telephone: 718.839.7144

IACUC Administrative Secretary
Mrs. Jeannette Camacho
Telephone: 718.839.7142
Animal Welfare Officer: Addresses inquiries re when you need to submit protocol and/or modification, how to prepare an animal use protocol or modification, IACUC review process, revisions to protocol and/or modification, eSIRIUS, etc.
IACUC Administrator: Addresses inquiries re grants, training grants, approval letters, grants being routed through Cayuse, eSIRIUS, etc.
Animal Program Compliance Coordinator: Address inquiries re animal welfare issues, report animal welfare concerns, CITI online training, post-approval monitoring (PAM), eSIRIUS, etc.
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