Einstein Community Health Outreach

1st and 2nd Year Med Students

Get involved with the Einstein Community Health Outreach! 

Located in the South Bronx, ECHO is the first student-coordinated clinic in the New York metropolitan area, serving patients from the five Boroughs and parts of Westchester County. Our mission is to provide free primary care for people who lack health insurance or cannot afford insurance and healthcare. ECHO is operated by the Institute for Family Health and coordinated by medical students from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. ECHO provides routine medical exams, social services, and counseling as well as referral services under the supervision of physicians from the Institute for Family Health (IUFH), and Jacobi and Montefiore Hospitals (Einstein affiliates), and also medication services in association with the Fair Pharmacy.

ECHO is staffed by the first- and second-year students on the administrative side, while the third- and fourth-year students provide clinical services under the supervision of licensed physicians. The administrative work typically consists of patient registration, medical chart organization, referrals and medications, lab work, health education, translation, nursing, and clinical shadowing.

Our Saturdays begin at 8 a.m. when we meet in front of Einstein and drive over to the clinic. The clinic opens at 8:45 a.m. and we register patients until noon . The day's work is generally completed by 3 p.m. depending on the number of volunteers and the volume of patients.


Thank you for volunteering with us.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How do I sign up? 
A: There will be an orientation held in the beginning of each school year that will explain the application process.


Q2: How soon will I know my confirmed dates for volunteering?
A: After you apply, you will be notified in September your confirmed position and be assigned to volunteer in either the Fall or Spring.


Q3: Is there a maximum or minimum number of days that I have to sign up for? 
A: Generally students volunteer 4 times in a given semester. There are many opportunities to get more involved and to increase the number of clinic days.


Q4: What if I get sick or a conflict comes up suddenly? 
A: Once your date is assigned, you're expected to practice professional courtesy and keep to your commitment. But if you must miss it, then you're expected to find your own replacement and inform the activity coordinators and myself by email. Each person has a distinct responsibility at ECHO and we depend on each other's being there, fulfilling his or her specific duty. Before choosing days, check your exam and vacation schedules!


Q5: Is ECHO closed during holidays? 
A: We're closed Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, winter final exams week through the New Year's weekend, and Spring break.


Q6: Can I request to be assigned for a specific position? 
A: During the application process you may request a specific position.  However, since spots are limited for each Saturday, we recommend including multiple positions in order of preference because we may need you to volunteer in another area. If you are proficient in another language, especially Spanish, we have interpreter positions available.


Q7: How do I sign up for Sunday ECHO? When is it? 
A: The ECHO Administrative Board is working hard to make Sunday clinic happen. Look out for announcements. This Sunday option is open first to those students who have religious obligations on Saturdays.


Q8: I don't know my schedule for certain days…can I email you later this semester when I have confirmed my own schedule? 
A: Unfortunately we make the schedule at the beginning of each semester. If something comes up, you are responsible for finding a replacement.


Q9: What's the best way to get in touch with you? 
A: Email! We love email. Keep them coming.

ECHO Clinic

1894 Walton Avenue
Bronx, NY 10453

Telephone: 718.583.3060

Schedule an appointment, call 1.800.836.1316

For general questions, email our project director.




Support the ECHO Center 

To make a non-monetary donation of goods or services to further the mission of ECHO, please contact us at echofundraising@gmail.com.

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