Einstein Community Health Outreach

ECHO Clinic Board 2012-2013

2012-2013 Clinical Board

Executive Chair
Tiffany Yeh

Continuity Chair
Carlos Diaz-Balzac

Session Coordinator Chairs
Michelle Cheng and Joanne Rispoli

Chairs of Clinical Teams
Danny Nhan and Samantha Neureuther



2012-2013 Pre-Clinical Board

Project Director 
Arvind Badhey

Weekly Coordinators
Marika Osterbur and Colin Dunn

Secretary/Treasurer/Development Coordinators
Erica Weinstein and Christina Kratschmer

Health Ed/Patient Advocate Coordinators
Mary Derasmo and Linnie Bendor-Grynbaum

Referrals Coordinators
Wayne Cohen-Levy and Chen Chen

Women’s Health Coordinator
Emily Suh

Labs Coordinators
Leo Garber and Ethan Hoch

IT Coordinator
Hassan Mohamed

Front Desk Coordinators
Stephen Marsh and Yang Zhang

Interpreter Coordinator
Manny Fishman

Pre-Health Coordinator
Newton Phuong

Pre-Clinical Scheduler
Stacey Stauber

Community Service Coordinators
Rebecca Zabel and Hadas Reich

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