Einstein Community Health Outreach

ECHO Clinic Board 2014-2015

2014-2015 Clinical Board

Executive Chair
Sarp Aksel

Continuity Chair
Carlos Diaz-Balzac and Marika Osterbur

Session Coordinator Chairs
Matthew Barbery and Wayne Cohen-Levy

Chairs of Clinical Teams
Arvind Badhey and Fa’Iz Bayo-Awoyemia



2014-2015 Pre-Clinical Board

Project Director 
Annemieke Wilcox

Weekly Coordinators
Daniel Santos and Viraj Patel

Communications Officer
Jessica Faiz

Development Officer
Mike Tseng

Finance Officer
Sean Hickey

Referrals Coordinators
Alex Petti and David Levitz

Patient Advocate Coordinators
Carly Hirschberg and Dordy Sugano

Women’s Health Coordinator
Elise Rosenthal

HIV Counselor Coordinator
Aaron Praiss

Labs Coordinators
Gila Hoffman and Nico Delpiccolo

Front Desk Coordinators
James Yuan and Lilly Zhao

Interpreter Coordinator
Marie Boller

Pre-Clinical Scheduling Coordinator
Hope Williams

Quality Improvement Coordinator
Liz Clain

Community Outreach Coordinators
Melissa Bhikham and Keneta McKellar

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