Einstein Community Health Outreach

ECHO Clinic Board 2013-2014

2013-2014 Clinical Board

Executive Chair
Sophia Ryan

Continuity Chair
Carlos Diaz-Balzac and Marika Osterbur

Session Coordinator Chairs
Nivia Acosta and Hei Wah (Hetty) Wang

Chairs of Clinical Teams
Nicholas Swerdlow and Christopher Beaudoin



2013-2014 Pre-Clinical Board

Project Director 
Kim Ashayeri

Weekly Coordinators
Lauren Tannenbaum and Jordan Elman

Development Officer
Nicole Ng

Finance Officer
Sam Reddy

Referrals Coordinators
Sarah Palsen and Jeff Glicksman

Patient Advocate Coordinators
Diana Nguyen and Roshni Patel

Women’s Health Coordinator
Evan Tamura

HIV Counselor Coordinator
Arjun Seth

Labs Coordinators
Nerissa Velazco and Andrew Joelson

Front Desk Coordinators
Dorothy Shi and Joshua Cho

Interpreter Coordinator
Brian Hagan

Pre-Health Coordinator
Kimmie Chiu

Quality Improvement Coordinator
Ian Downs

Scheduling Coordinator
Nick Wilcox

Community Outreach Coordinators
Jenny Wang and Nina Massad

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