Molecular Biology and Next Generation Technology

The Molecular Biology and Next Generation Technology Core provides a wide range of unique services to the Einstein community. In a new emphasis, the core is dedicated to bringing state of the art methods in microRNA (miRNA) research to biomedical scientists with all levels of expertise. The core provides services ranging from classical qPCR and RT-qPCR plus specialized preparation of miRNA and development of targeted genotyping assays.

  • Fujifilm FLA 5100 scanner for quantitative analysis of Southern, Northern and Western Blots with radioautography, fluorescence or chemifluorescence options
  • QPCR and RT-qPCR services; training and use of new ABI 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System; help with assay development
  • FluorChemQ (Cell Biosciences) imaging and quantitation of stained agarose or polyacrylamide gels, protein, and nucleic acids blots probed with fluorescence or chemiluminescence
  • MicroRNA profiling using custom made miRNA microarrays plus help with data analysis
  • Quantitation of RNA, DNA, and proteins using a NanoDrop2000 spectrophotometer
  • Quantitative Western Blot analysis using the Gene Gnome Syngene Bio imager instrument
  • MiRNA dual luciferase reporter assays using a BMG Fluoristar Optima instrument
  • Application of SNP genotyping for pharmacogenetic studies
  • Advice and hands-on help with classic DNA, cDNA, miRNA cloning and microbiome studies
  • The preparation of specialized libraries for next generation sequencing for both Illumina and Ion Torrent instruments
  • Isolation of exosomes from serum and tissue culture media and conduct next generation sequencing on their RNA
  • Core interactions with Next Generation Sequencing Facilities

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Related Shared Facilities

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Location and Contacts

Molecular Biology and Next Generation Technology Ullmann 508
  • David Q.H. Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
    Scientific Director

  • Robert Burk, M.D.
    Scientific Co-Director