Clinical and Molecular Virology

The Clinical and Molecular Virology Core provides the infrastructure, reagents (including viral isolates and vectors), training and technical assistance to enable researchers to perform experiments utilizing HIV using the biosafety containment conditions required for HIV research. It also provides comprehensive virological services to researchers not qualified to perform laboratory studies that involve isolation and characterization of HIV, or evaluation of the immune response to HIV.

  • Cocultivation and isolation of HIV from patient PBMCs
  • Viral load determination by HIV-1 or HCV RNA copy number in plasma
  • HIV p24 antigen capture assay
  • HIV-1 neutralization assays
  • Repository of titered primary HIV isolates
  • Qualitative HIV-1 DNA and RNA measurements by real-time PCR
  • Determination of HIV cellular tropism
  • Molecular biology support for the study of HIV, OI pathogens
  • Design and support study of protein-protein interactions of HIV-1 proteins with viral and cellular proteins using yeast-two hybrid system and reverse two-hybrid system
  • Real time PCR support to study HIV-1 replication at various stages including early and late reverse transcription, nuclear import and integration
  • Blam assay (beta-Lactamase based assay) to study the entry step of HIV-1 infection
  • Lentiviral vector construction and preparation of virus particles
  • Assist in training of researchers in a variety of molecular virology techniques

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Related Shared Facilities

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Clinical and Molecular Virology Chanin 624
  • Harris Goldstein, M.D.

  • Ganjam Kalpana, Ph.D.