Los Angeles Times interviews Joe Verghese, M.B.B.S., about a recent study that found that the hardening of the aging brain's blood vessels reduces their ability to respond to changes in blood pressure, increasing the risk of falls among the elderly. Dr. Verghese notes that treating high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes to reduce the stiffening would help reduce the incidence of falls. Dr. Verghese is associate professor in The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology and the Louis and Gertrude Feil Faculty Scholar in Neurology.

Reuters Health interviews Charles Hall, Ph.D., on his study that finds stimulating brain activities delay the onset of dementia. The research, led by Dr. Hall and Joe Verghese, M.B.B.S., was published in the August 4 online edition of Neurology. Dr. Hall is professor of epidemiology & population health and of neurology. Dr. Verghese is associate professor of neurology and director of the division of cognitive & motor aging.

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Time interviews Joe Verghese, M.B.B.S., on the connection between social activity and the mental and physical health of the elderly. Dr. Verghese is associate professor of neurology. In 2002, he published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine showing that changes in walking patterns could be an early sign of dementia.