Diabetes Linked to Malnutrition is Metabolically Unique: Study

Meredith Hawkins, M.D., M.S., explains her study that describes a metabolically distinct type of diabetes characterized by low body weight and problems with insulin secretion—a crucial step toward developing effective treatments. Dr. Hawkins is the founding director of the Global Diabetes Institute, professor of medicine, and the Harold and Muriel Block Chair in Medicine at Einstein.

Additional coverage includes UPI and The Hindu

The New York Times interviews Meredith Hawkins, M.D., on the results of a clinical trial which showed that an aspirin-like drug helped patients manage their type 2 diabetes. Dr. Hawkins notes that the trial, which tested a generic anti-inflammatory drug from the aspirin family, demonstrated that inflammation is a good target for treating diabetes and has been a topic of discussion among endocrinologists for a long time. Dr. Hawkins is director of the Global Diabetes Initiative and professor of medicine.