Einstein Announces Early Graduation to Help Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 10, 2020—(BRONX, NY)—Yesterday, Albert Einstein College of Medicine informed members of the class of 2020 that they may choose to graduate early, on Friday, April 17, if they have completed their curricular requirements. This voluntary opportunity was offered in order to provide support to hospitals as they continue to manage the surge of COVID-19 patients in New York City and beyond. Students also may choose to graduate on the original date of May 26.

Einstein Announces Early Graduation to Help Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

Responding to Governor Cuomo’s call for additional doctors to join the fight against COVID-19, Einstein has worked with the governor’s office, the New York State Department of Education, the Liaison Committee for Medical Education, and numerous other local, state, and national agencies and organizations to ensure that its fourth-year medical students could fulfill their requirements and graduate early. By completing their undergraduate medical education more than a month ahead of schedule, Einstein’s graduating fourth-year students will be able to join the ranks of dedicated healthcare professionals on the front lines of the pandemic.

In their letter to students, Gordon F. Tomaselli, M.D., the Marilyn and Stanley M. Katz Dean, and the education deans wrote:

“We greatly appreciate the tremendous amount of hard work that went into getting your medical degrees. You are all very deserving, and we thank you for your time, great effort and dedication. Although this traditional moment of great joy and congregation has been co-opted by SARS-COV2 in this way, it does not diminish your tremendous accomplishments as Einstein students and the indelible marks you have each made on our institution.”

Regardless of when students choose to graduate, all are encouraged to participate in the formal commencement ceremony in May. Plans for the event are being finalized.