Laboratory of Robert H. Singer, Ph.D.

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E-mail addresses:
See the lab directory for e-mail addresses
How to get here:
Dr Singer's office: Golding Building, Room 601BA
Dr Singer's laboratory: Golding Building, Room 601

visitors must sign in with security at the entrance of the Forcheimer Building
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Mailing address for all correspondence, including overnight couriers:
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Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Ave — Golding 601
Bronx NY 10461 — USA
Phone numbers:
(+1) 718.430.8646 — Dr Singer
(+1) 718.430.8695 — Dr Singer's administrative secretary
(+1) 718.430.8647 — general lab number
see the lab directory for a specific lab member's phone number
Facsimile (FAX) numbers:
(+1) 718.430.8697 — Dr Singer
(+1) 718.430.8996 — for lab members
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