Student Affairs

Student Government

Student governance at Einstein has undergone a major rebirth and reorganization in the last few years. From a loose affiliation of students interested in school-wide issues, has sprung a well organized and highly effective student governing body.

The over-arching organization is the Student Governing Body, consisting of representatives from the medical college, graduate school and Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D.-Ph.D.). The medical student component is called the medical student council and consists of two representatives from each class. Some are assigned as members of the Faculty-Student Senate of Einstein, while other class representatives are the liaisons to the office of student affairs, office of medical education, office of student activities, student finance office, quality of life committee and various other administrative offices.

The student council is responsible for the funding for nearly 60 student-run clubs at Einstein, and for representation of the entire student body to the various components of the College of Medicine. Their purview includes educational, financial and social aspects of student life at Einstein.

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