Einstein Student Representatives

Einstein Student Governing Board

The Einstein Student Governing Board (SGB) is an executive committee composed of two elected student representatives from the medical school, graduate school and the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) that oversees all student club and interest group operations at Einstein. The SGB works directly with the Office of Student Activities to procure funding for student clubs, distribute club budgets, and administrate club reimbursements, while acting as a liaison between the student body and the school administration.

Contact SGB at einsteinsgb@gmail.com 

MD Representatives


MSTP Representatives


Blake Ebert 

Blake Ebert

 Kemi Akinnola 

Kemi Akinnola

PhD Representatives


Ryan Forster 

Ryan Forster

Aakash Mahant 

Aakash Mahant

Graduate Student Council Officers


Clare Burn 

Clare Burn, Co-chair

Greg Hamilton 

Greg Hamilton, Co-chair

Ameya Kulkarni 

Ameya Kulkarni, Treasurer

Samantha Heitz 

Sam Heitz, Secretary

MD Student Council for the Class of 2024


Class Representatives 

Senators for Medical Education 

Senators for Student Affairs 

WellMed Representatives 

Isha Punn 

Senator for Advancement 

Sruthi Kodali 

Senator for The Office of Student Finance 

Daniel Antohi 

Housing Representative/Housing Manager 
 Jim Buckley  

PhD Representative
Shira Glushakow-Smith
Aravind Krishna  

MSTP Representative
Karen Tong
Carl Pierce  

MS1 Representative 
 Isidra Rodriguez-Veve 

MS2 Representative 
 Arianna Caradonna 

MS3 Representative 
 Ben Green 
 Elizabeth Bitterman 

MS4 Representative 
 (Seeing a volunteer)

International Student Representative 
 Zuen Ren 

Family Representative 
 Karen Pomper  

Class of 2021 MDSC

Class of 2022 MDSC

Class of 2023 MDSC


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