Student Affairs

Year 4

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Albert Einstein

AAMC - Careers in Medicine Program - Tools to help you " land your residency."

Summer 4th year 

Fall 4th year 

  • Applicants start applying through ERAS (September 15).
  • MSPE's are released to residency programs (October 1).
  • Mock Interviews - The Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Academic Support and Counseling have teamed up to allow you to practice and evaluate yourself. 
  • Academius - prep for interviews via reviews from alumni, track your interview progress, and simulate your rank list.
  • Early match program interviews

Winter 4th year 

  • Residency Interviews
  • Early match results - Military Match (December), Urology (January) and Ophthalmology SF match (January)
  • NRMP - Cerify your rank order. The National Resident Matching Program conducts a residency match that is designed to optimize the rank ordered choices of students and program directors.

Spring 4th year 

  • Match Day - An annual rite of passage, Match Day is an event that takes place at medical schools across the country during which fourth-year medical students learn where and in what specialty they will complete their residency - setting the course of their medical careers.
  • Commencement Ceremony 




Contact Information

 Office: 718.430.3060

 Fax: 718.430.4123

 Allison B. Ludwig, M.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs 

 Mimoza Meholli, M.D.
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 

 Stephen G. Baum, M.D.
Senior Advisor for Student Affairs 

 Christina Chin
Director, Office of Student Affairs 








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