M.D. Program

Special Programs

The Einstein Journal
A student-edited journal, The Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine, presents students with an unusual opportunity for learning the skills involved in editing and managing a scholarly periodical and provides a venue for research and review articles in a wide variety of topics related to biomedical science, clinical medicine and medical education.

Alternate Pathway M.D.-Ph.D. Program
Some students are accepted for admission to the Medical Scientist Training Program with a commitment for funding to start at the time they enter the graduate phase of their training. This program is the "Zero-Time Alternate Pathway." Or, during the second year of the medical curriculum, students interested in careers in academic medicine and research may apply for admission to the Sue Golding Graduate Division of Medical Sciences upon completion of preclinical courses. If accepted, the student will take graduate courses and conduct thesis research culminating in the award of the Ph.D. degree. After completing graduate work, the student will re-enter the medical school to complete his or her training for the M.D. degree. In both cases, after the first two years, when the student begins thesis research, he or she receives tuition remission and a stipend. 

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