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We appreciate your selecting Montefiore School of Nursing to enhance your career goals and wish you much success.

Montefiore e-Mail is the official means of communicating to students at the Montefiore School of Nursing. We strongly recommend that you check your Montefiore e-Mail account on a regular basis. 

In addition to checking your Montefiore e-Mail account, it is important to log onto the secure real-time Luminis Self-Service portal (click here) to periodically view your student account. Account balances can change when there are additional charges, or when financial aid is reduced. A balance due may hold you up from registering, viewing your grades, graduating, getting a transcript, or receiving your diploma.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out via email at

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The Office of Student Finance

Tuition and Estimated Budget 2022-2023

First Year Spring '22 Fall '22
Tuition Cost $580/credit for:* $5,880.00 $5,880.00
General School Fees $479.00 $479.00
Learning Resource Package $390.00 $390.00
Lab Fee $155.00 $105.00
Technology Fee $164.00 $164.00
Total Tuition & Fees  $7,068.00 $7,018.00
Out-of-Pocket Expenses (uniforms, books, Parking Certifications, etc.) $1,591.00 $539.00
Subtotal  $8,659.00 $7,557.00
First Year Tuition Total:  $16,216  

* Please note: MSON reserves the right to change costs, dates and procedures at its discretion. 

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Tuition Payment Deadline: April 13, 2022

Miscellaneous Fees

Clinical Make-up per incident $150.00
Health Clearance Late Submission $100.00
Tuition Late Payment $75.00
Bounced Check $25.00
Student ID Replacement $25.00
Parking Chip Replacement (MV) $25.00

General Tuition Refund/Withdrawal Policy

Fall 2022 Dates 

August 13 – August 19 Withdrawal Policy - with Full Refund
August 20 – August 26 Withdrawal Policy 75% Refund
August 27 – September 2 Withdrawal Policy 50% Refund
September 3 – September 9 Withdrawal Policy 25% Refund
September 10 or after No refunds. Full tuition liability


Disbursement:  Monday August 01, 2022

Refund Date:     Monday Aug 01, 2022

Payment Methods

There are several ways to make payment. 

  1. Pay online via Luminis by following these steps:
    • Go to and login to your Luminis account.
    • Click on the View Student Bill under the Student Quick Link tab
    • At the top of the page choose Make a Payment
      MSON accepts credit/debit cards 
  2. Pay mailing a check, payable to Montefiore New Rochelle to the following address. Be sure to include your Student ID on your by check. Send payment to: Albert Einstein College of Medicine , 1300 Morris Park Ave – Van Etten Rm 228, Bronx, NY 10461 
  3. To pay by Third Party
    You can grant them access to your account information by adding them as an authorized user on TouchNet. After setting up your authorized users, they will be able to log in through this Link. With your consent, we can also bill the third party directly. It is still your responsibility as the student to check your account on Luminis and make sure tuition has been paid.
    Please Note: Tuition *reimbursement* by an employer is not the same as an agreement by your employer to *directly* pay your tuition. 
  4. Payment Plans
    You can enroll in an available Payment Plan by logging into TouchNet and clicking the “Payment Plan” tab. There is a $45 non- refundable fee which will be due at enrollment.

    Please Note: Additional charges, adjustments or payments on the student account that occur after enrollment in a payment plan may result in an adjustment to your plan.  

For additional information regarding Student Financial Aid, please visit the website.


Students may be eligible to receive a refund check when payments posted to their student account exceed tuition and fees charged. Students can log onto Luminis and check the Account Summary link to confirm their refund eligibility.

Setting up Direct Deposit

By setting up direct deposit, refunds are deposited directly into your preferred checking or savings account in 2-3 days after processing.

  1. Log into TouchNet using your AD credentials.
  2. Select the “Refunds” tab on the top of the page.
  3. Enroll in Two-Step Verification
  4. Set up your payment profile and enter your Routing and Account Information
  5. Designate it for Refund use.

Overpayments on the student’s account are handled in accordance with federal laws and institutional policies. Generally, refunds go to the student automatically unless the student and/or parents give the College of Medicine written authorization to hold the excess money in the student’s account. Students are expected to observe and follow the following policies and procedures. 

Financial Aid

  • Upon submission of an application for admission, it is recommended that applicants complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Due to financial aid filing deadlines, it is not advisable to wait for an acceptance letter.
  • The FAFSA application is completed online at Montefiore’s Federal School Code is 042372.
  • To be considered for a Federal Direct Student Loan, we suggest that you complete an online Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling at
  • Complete Financial Aid questionnaire 

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FAFSA Filing Deadlines: Day Cohort: May 1 

Student Resources- Financial Forms/Student Accounts /Policies

Financial Aid Office Contact

General Office Number 914-361-6081 | Fax Number 914-664-8106

Hours Monday-Thursday, 8:30am–Noon & 2 pm–5 pm
Wednesday 6-8pm Friday (By Appointment Only)




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