M.D. Admissions

Interview Process

Applicants invited for an interview must make their appointment no later than 2 weeks from the date of the interview invitation or the invitation will be rescinded.   

All interviewers are a member of the Admissions Committee. The interview usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour and is conducted by a clinician or scientist from our 80-member committee. Applicants are encouraged to use this time to openly share their experiences and future goals with their interviewer. If at the end of the interview the applicant feels there is something important to share with the interviewer, the applicant is encouraged to feel comfortable to introduce the topic. 

Applicants who apply to the M.D./Ph.D. Program, who decide afterward that they would prefer the M.D. Program only must notify both the M.D. admissions office and the M.D./Ph.D. office, in writing.  

The official Einstein policy document concerning M.D. admissions interviews can be found here. 

Applicants who have an interest in a particular clinical or basic science research discipline are invited to peruse our website, and communicate directly with the principal investigator to request a meeting.

Second Interviews

Since sometimes applicants and interviewers may not connect optimally, applicants who are dissatisfied with their interview are encouraged to request a second interview immediately, prior to receiving a letter of disposition. Requests for re-interview should be made to the Office of Admissions on the day of interview to Ms. Mary Pace (mary.pace@einsteinmed.edu ). Once a letter of disposition has been mailed, requests for re-interview will not be considered. Occasionally, the admissions committee invites applicants back for a second interview if further information is needed.  

Interview Locations

Because of the COVID Pandemic, Einstein will conduct only Zoom interviews for the entire 2022-23 year.  In future years, interview sites may include four locations in the Bronx: the College of Medicine (the Jack and Pearl Resnick Campus); Weiler Hospital or Jacobi Medical Center (each located adjacent to the medical school) or Montefiore Medical Center (Moses Division on E. 210th Street). Applicants interviewed at Montefiore Medical Center are provided transportation to the interview site after their check-in at Einstein. Interviews are conducted Monday through Friday; there are no Wednesday or Thursday or weekend interviews.   

Applicant Luncheons and Tours

Applicant luncheons and tours have been eliminated for the 2022-23 year since there will be no campus visits. However, Einstein students will meet, virtually, with applicants on the day of their interview at 4:30 p.m.  (In future years, every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at approximately noon, Einstein students will host an informal luncheon in the Upper Max and Sadie Lounge, located in the Forchheimer Building. Food is strictly kosher. Gluten-free and vegetarian lunches are available with prior notice. The half-hour luncheon provides a forum through which applicants and students can have an honest and open exchange without faculty members present. In this way, you’ll have the opportunity to meet representatives of our unique student body and get further perspective about what is special about Einstein. Immediately following the lunch, student-hosts lead a half-hour tour of Einstein’s campus and facilities.) Beginning September 22, on FRIDAY afternoons at 3:30, and running through the entire interview season which ends at the end of April, all visiting applicants are invited to a student-led discussion, via zoom, sponsored by the Office of Diversity Enhancement, about their experiences and passions here at Einstein. All special groups are represented at Real Talk. It’s an opportunity to get "real talk" about unique experiences of students in an informal and candid environment. The discussion takes place at 3:30 and usually lasts about one hour.  All applicants will receive a Zoom invitation from the ODE inviting them to attend.   

Interview Cancellation

Applicants who choose not to keep their interview appointment are requested to login to the Auto-Scheduler and cancel their interview. If you cancel less than 48 hours, we request that you ALSO call the Admissions office at 718.430.3014 or e-mail mailto:mary.pace@einsteinmed.edu The admissions office will notify an applicant's pre-professional advisor if the applicant does not notify the office of their intention to cancel their interview within 48 hours of the scheduled interview time. 

Special Needs and Guests (does not apply for the 2022-23 year but will be reinstated in the future)

Applicants who have been invited for interview who have any special needs are asked to notify the Admissions Office before the day of their interview by e-mailing:  mailto:mary.pace@einsteinmed.edu or calling 718.430.3014. Special needs may include physical accommodations, special dietary needs, or travel plans that might interfere with your visit. Applicants who are accompanied by a family member should notify the admissions office at least one day in advance so that the Security Desk will be prepared for their visit.  Family members are invited to wait for applicants in the D. Samuel Gottesman Library located in the Forchheimer building.  





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