Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship

Training Experience

Fordham Plaza 

Fellowship training in Geriatric Psychiatry spans one year with fellows spending 60% of their time in the Out-Patient Department alternating on Wednesdays between the nursing home and home care agency. Fellows are members of the Multi-professional Geriatric Team within the Out-Patient Department and assume the role of team leader from Dr. Scalmati as the year progresses. In the Out-Patient Department they provide direct patient care, work with allied professionals as medical consultants, liaison with other medical providers to coordinate care, teach, and supervise junior trainees. Fellows become familiar with all aspects of care from the management of poly-pharmacy and multi-morbidity, to the complexities of family dynamics, socially supportive agencies, and psychotherapeutic encounters. At the Kings Harbor Multicare Center, fellows work up the case of a nursing home resident under the supervision of Dr. Gupta then present the case to Dr. Kennedy the following Wednesday in team conference during which the nursing home resident will be interviewed and recommendations subsequently submitted to the medical director of the facility. At the Home Care Agency fellows participate in a multi-professional team into which Dr. Ceïde has been integrated. Referrals are reviewed prior to an in-home psychiatric assessment performed by the fellow supervised initially by Dr. Ceïde. Transportation is provided by the agency.

Courses and conferences include


Margaret Tietz
  1. Introduction to Geriatrics, Gerontology and Bioethics
  2. Journal Club
  3. Geriatric Psychiatry Collaborative Care Case Conference
  4. Nursing Home Case Conference
  5. Combined Geriatric Medicine and Geriatric Psychiatry Case Conference
  6. Center for the Aging Brain Conference
  7. Psychiatry Grand Rounds
  8. Geriatric Medicine Grand Rounds
  9. Annual Einstein Dementia Symposium
  10. Advanced Assessment and Intervention
  11. Evidence Based Medicine and Presentation Technique

Second year psychiatry residents rotate through geriatrics for one month each and their schedule recapitulates that of the fellows.

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