2020 Tishman Scholars:


Congratulations to the 2020 Tishman Scholars in Neuroscience: Manuel Suarez, Dylann Cordova Martinez and Aubrey Siebels. 


Manuel Suarez

I have always been interested in the mechanisms behind the variety of behaviors that animals exhibit and how those mechanisms and behaviors can be modulated by external conditions. While being a second-year veterinary student at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, I found neuroscience and got stuck in it. That pushed me to do a master's in physiology after completing my DVM, and then to work as a research technician at SUNY. All this path has provided me with tools, but most importantly, with a lot of questions and I expect to solve some of those here in Einstein and to be trained to solve the others as an independent investigator in the future.


Dylann Cordova Martinez

The brain ignites curiosity and many questions. It has been my focus to study the underlying molecular mechanisms of irregular electrical activity and its behavioral and psychological effects. I graduated as a Biologist from the Universidad de Sonora in Mexico and this discipline helped shape my understanding of reality and the world around us. At present, thanks to the help of many amazing people, I got off to a wondrous start at Einstein. In future, my plan is to become knowledgeable about a topic, be an imaginative scientist to explore and successfully explain that topic, and become part of a team to discover the unthinkable or intangible about that course of study.


Aubrey Siebels

I am excited to be starting my career at Einstein, and I am interested in how the body’s context can modulate value representations, especially pathologically like in addiction and relapse. I was first encouraged to ask questions about neuroscience as an undergraduate at James Madison University, and then was taught tools and techniques important in pursuing questions in neuroscience as a technician at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Now that I am at Einstein, I am eager to take advantage of all the resources and support available to me, and I am looking forward to all that I will learn.


Tishman Scholarships are offered yearly to top first-year graduate students in the Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience. The awards selection is based upon academic accomplishments prior to joining graduate school.  


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