Department of Molecular Pharmacology


Our graduate students and postdocs are provided the opportunity to present their work at weekly Work-In-Progress seminars that take place on Fridays at noon. In addition to sandwiches or pizza, the audience can count on experiencing an informative and interactive seminar. These seminars are beneficial to both the presenter and the audience for a variety of reasons. 1) Effective scientific communication is a critical skill for almost any scientific career to which our students and postdocs might aspire and practice is the best way to improve. 2) Organizing ones thoughts about a project for the purposes of presentation helps to identifying missing controls, prepare data for publication, and identify new avenues of research that might otherwise have been missed. 3) Finally, presenting ones data to a broader group is an example of mutual altruism. On the one hand, the presenter can get constructive feedback and insightful ideas from the “new eyes” that the audience provides. On the other hand, the audience also benefits by broadening their scientific knowledge and learning new approaches to problem solving.

In addition to the Friday Work-In-Progress seminar, members of the department showcase their work at a variety of venues including national and international scientific meetings, poster sessions and the annual Julius Marmur Symposium.

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