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Dr. Enver Akalin, M.D.

Enver Akalin, M.D.

Professor, Department of Medicine (Nephrology)

Professor, Department of Surgery

Areas of Research: Dr. Akalin�s main research interest is investigating mechanisms of allograft injury using microarray technology, identifying biomarkers for immune monitoring of kidney transplant recipients and kidney transplantation in highly sensitized patients. He has

Professional Interests


Nephrology, Transplant Nephrology.

Current Role:

Medical Director of Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program and Director of Transplant Nephrology Fellowship

Medical degree:

Ege University Medical School, Izmir, Turkey
Internship and Residency: Emory School of Medicine, Atlanta
Fellowship: Research fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Clinical Nephrology Fellowship at Boston University Medical School, Transplant Nephrology Fellowship at Emory School of Medicine, Atlanta


Dr. Akalin’s main research interest is investigating mechanisms of allograft injury using microarray technology and immune monitoring of kidney transplant recipients and kidney transplantation in highly sensitized patients. He has had involved in multiple NIH studies and has active RO1 grant. He was also involved in more than 20 multicenter clinical trials as a site principal investigator.


Dr. Akalin received Young Investigator Travel Award of the American Society of Transplant Physicians twice and received American Society of Transplant Physicians Council’s Faculty Grant. Dr. Akalin served at American Society of Transplantation, Clinical Trials Committee Member, and chaired American Society of Transplantation Transplant Nephrology Fellowship Accreditation Committee, Transplantation and Immunology Research Network, Clinical Science Grant Review Committee, Fellow of American Society of Transplantation Committee and Board of Directors for Transplant Nephrology Fellowship.

Dr. Akalin had served at Medical Board and Research and Ethics Sub-committee of New York Organ Donor Network. He had served at American Society of Nephrology, Transplantation Advisory Group. Dr. Akalin served at Editorial Board of Transplantation and Clinical Journal of American Society of Nephrology.

Dr. Akalin is the past president of New York Society of Nephrology in 2016-2017 academic year.


Dr. Akalin is currently the fellow of the American Society of Nephrology (FASN) and American Society of Transplantation (FAST).


Dr. Akalin has authored or co-authored more than 110 original scientific articles, review articles and book chapters.

Selected Publications

  1. Marfo K, Lu A, Ling M, Akalin E. Desensitization protocols and their outcomes. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2011; 6 : 922-936
  2. Marfo K, Ling M, Bao Y, Calder B, Ye B, Greenstein S, Chapochnick-Friedman J, Glicklich D, de Boccardo G, Kinkhabwala M, and Akalin E. Lack of effect in desensitization with intravenous immunoglobulin and rituximab in highly-sensitized patients at the top of the waiting list. (Transplantation 2012; 94 : 345-351)
  3. Ling M, Masiakos P, Ibrahim A, Lindower J, Marfo K, Glicklich D, de Boccardo G, Greenstein S, Chapochnick-Friedmann J, Kinkhabwala M, and Akalin E. The prevalence and significance of HLA-Cw and HLA-DP antibodies in sensitized patients on the kidney transplant waiting list. (Human Immunology 2012; 73 : 879-883)
  4. Nicole Hayde, Yi Bao, James Pullman, Bin Ye, Brent R. Calder, Monica Chung, DanielSchwartz, Ahmed Alansari, Graciela de Boccardo, Min Ling and Enver Akalin.The clinical and molecular significance of C4d staining patterns in renal allografts (Transplantation 2013; 95(4): 580-588).
  5. Nicole Hayde, Yi Bao, James Pullman, Bin Ye, R. Brent Calder, Monica Chung, Daniel Schwartz, Michelle Lubetzky, Maria Ajaimy, Graciela de Boccardo and Enver Akalin. The clinical and genomic significance of donor-specific antibody (DSA) positive/C4d negative and DSA negative/C4d negative transplant glomerulopathy. (Clin J Am Soc of Nephrol 2013; 8: 2141-2148).
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