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COVID-19 Recovery (CORE) Clinic

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The Department of Medicine's new CORE clinic will provide follow-up and recovery engagement to patients who had COVID-19 in order to address their ongoing symptoms and chronic conditions, as well as any new issues that arise related to their COVID-19 infection.

  • Referral Group: Any patient who has had a COVID-19 + test (PCR or IgG antibody), whether the illness was mild and treated at home or severe and required hospitalization.
  • Clinic Scope: The CORE clinic referral will be for patients who have had COVID-19 infection and have:  
    • Questions, concerns, and/or new or residual symptoms
    • New or worsening impairments in their physical, cognitive or emotional health after a recent hospitalization
  • Encounters: The CORE clinic will provide a mix of video and phone telemedicine, as well as in-office visits at the MAP-2 location (3400 Bainbridge Avenue).
  • Leadership:  Marjan M. Islam, M.D. and Seth Congdon, M.D., from the Division of Pulmonary Medicine will be the CORE clinic co-directors.
  • Eligibility: All Department of Medicine subspecialties will be available for internal referral, as well as multidisciplinary care across other Departments (Rehabilitation Medicine, Neurology, etc.)
  • How to Refer: Patient referrals can be made by calling 844-556-6683, extension #36.  Providers can also refer to the clinic by placing an Epic order--Ambulatory Referral to CORE.



Medical Director 

seth congdonSeth Congdon, MD
Division of General Internal Medicine 


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Medical Arts Pavilion
3400 Bainbridge Avenue, 2nd Floor,
Bronx, NY 10467
Call 844-556-6683 Extension #36. 

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