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Program Leadership

Lawrence J. Brandt, MD, Site Director of Gastroenterology at Moses

Daniel S. Behin, MD, Fellowship Program Director


The Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases Fellowship Training Program of Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center is a 3-year gastroenterology fellowship offering vast clinical and endoscopic experience.

Gastroenterology fellows rotate through four hospitals, each with its own full-time staff of digestive diseases experts, and participate closely with the 23 voluntary attending staff who play an important role in their education.

During the fellowship experience, gastroenterology fellows:

  1. share patient-care responsibilities
  2. attend instructional sessions dealing with the basic and applied science of gastroenterology and liver diseases
  3. participate in conferences
  4. complete an original research project under the preceptorship of a GI and Liver Diseases faculty member
  5. are assigned a panel of patients with digestive diseases in two outpatient clinics
  6. participate in a weekly clinic devoted to the care of patients with liver diseases

In the 2nd and 3rd years of training, gastroenterology fellows:

  1. receive instruction in more advanced endoscopic procedures, including ERCP, motility, and endoscopic ultrasound
  2. assume responsibility, under the supervision of the site directors, for running the Gastroenterology Consultation Services at Jacobi and North Central Bronx Hospitals
  3. participate in a liver transplant service and a nutrition service


  1. Montefiore Medical Center (West Campus)

    The Einstein Division of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases is responsible for providing consultative care to inpatients throughout Montefiore Medical Center and outpatients visiting the Montefiore gastroenterology and liver subspecialty clinics. 

    Fellows are supervised in all of their activities by both full-time and voluntary attending physicians. The attending staff consists of both full-time and voluntary physicians, all of whom are board certified in both gastroenterology and internal medicine, and four of whom have certificates of added qualification (CAQ) in transplant hepatology..

    Lectures, Conferences, and Grand Rounds 

    Each week there are approximately 13 hours of scheduled formal teaching. This includes daily morning report with one of the full-time faculty, and attending rounds to discuss management of the patients on the consultative service. 

    GI/Liver grand rounds are held weekly with additional teaching conferences on GI radiology, liver biopsy interpretation, journal club and difficult case management. 

    Clinical Experience 

    Each year, Einstein GI/Liver Diseases faculty physicians perform approximately 10,000 diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures on inpatients and outpatients in Montefiore’s GI Endoscopy Suite.  The GI Endoscopy Suite includes:

    • two fluoroscopy rooms
    • motility laboratory
    • endoscopic ultrasound
    • argon plasma coagulator equipment
    • pre- and post-procedure rooms
    • full range of support facilities

    Facilities for capsule endoscopy also are available. 

    All endoscopic procedures, including all emergency procedures, at Montefiore are performed by a gastroenterology fellow and a supervising physician.

    Fellows also may take part in the activities of the Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology, a fully staffed training program in pediatric gastroenterology and liver diseases.

    Teaching Responsibilities 

    Members of the Division of Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases, including fellows, participate in the education of the Einstein medical house-staff and medical students. 

  2. North Central Bronx Hospital (West Campus)

    Under the supervision of full-time attendings from the Jacobi Medical Alliance, Einstein gastroenterology fellows provide consultative and endoscopic services at North Central Bronx Hospital.

    North Central Bronx Hospital (NCB) is 403-bed acute care municipal hospital adjacent to and physically connected with Montefiore Medical Center.  Its diverse patient population is drawn from the surrounding community.  Each year there are over 82,000 visits to North Central Bronx Hospital’s emergency department and 180,000 visits to a full range of outpatient clinics.  NCB’s various acute care inpatient services treat 17,000 hospital admissions yearly with the assistance of Einstein Department of Medicine subspecialty divisions, including the Einstein Division of Gastroenterology. 

  3. Jacobi Medical Center (East Campus)

    Director: Douglas Simon, MD

    Einstein Division of Gastroenterology fellows provide consultative care to inpatients at Jacobi Medical Center and to outpatients visiting the Jacobi gastroenterology clinic. Gastroenterology fellows’ work is supervised by three full-time faculty members who are assisted by faculty from the Einstein Bessin Liver Center and 10 voluntary attending faculty members from Weiler Hospital.

    Lectures, Conferences, and Grand Rounds 

    As on the West Campus, there are approximately 13 hours of formal teaching each week including:

    • daily morning report with one of the full-time faculty
    • daily attending rounds with a full-time or a voluntary attending
    • radiology conference held in conjunction with members of the Department of Radiology
    • pathology conference conducted by faculty from the Department of Pathology
    • grand rounds

    Clinical Experience 

    Each year, Einstein Division of Gastroenterology fellows perform approximately 2,000 diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures, including ERCP and endoscopic ultrasound, on inpatients and outpatients at Jacobi Medical Center. All procedures are performed under faculty supervision.

  4. Weiler Hospital (East Campus)

    Site Director: Daniel Berkowitz, M.D.

    Two full-time and 16 voluntary gastroenterologists perform consultations on Weiler Hospital inpatients treated by the various hospital services. 

    Supervised by full-time and voluntary attending staff, Division of Gastroenterology fellows assist in the care of these patients, see patients in an ambulatory care facility, and participate in endoscopic procedures.

Admission & Application


To be eligible for acceptance, Montefiore Einstein Gastroenterology Fellowship candidates must have completed an accredited three-year program in internal medicine.  

Application Submission 

Applications are accepted thru the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). No supplemental information is required. Application deadlines are those of ERAS.


Interview decisions are sent out in early April for interviews in late April or early May.


For more information, contact the Fellowship Program Director.

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