Montefiore Einstein Division of Critical Care Medicine

Current & Past Funded Studies


    NIH funded 

  1. BLUE CORAL: Biology and Longitudinal Epidemiology of COVID-19: Observational Study (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  2. PETAL Repository of Electronic Data COVID-19 Observational Study (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  3. Outcomes Related to COVID-19 Treated with Hydroxychloroquine among Inpatients with Symptomatic Disease (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  4. CLOVERS-STEM: CLOVERS-Study of Treatment’s Echocardiographic Mechanisms (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  5. Vitamin D to Improve Outcomes by Leveraging Early Treatment: Long-term Brain Outcomes in Vitamin D Deficient Patients (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  6. Prediction of Functional Outcomes from Chronic Critical Illness
  7. (Aluko Hope, MD)
  8. Digital Implementation Intervention Trials in Acute Lung Care (DIGITAL-C) Network Planning (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  9. PRIMROSE: Effect of randomization to neuromuscular blockade on physical functional impairment and recovery in ARDS (Aluko Hope, MD) 
  10. Crystalloid Liberal or Vasopressors Early Resuscitation in Sepsis (CLOVERS) (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  11. Cognitive-Motor Interference Assessment for Improving Neurologic and Physical Disability Outcomes (CAMINANDO) in Survivors of Severe Acute Respiratory Failure (Aluko Hope, MD) 
  12. Vitamin D to Improve Outcomes by Leveraging Early Treatment (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  13. Frailty Assessment in the Intensive Care Unit and Short Term Outcomes in Older Patients (Aluko Hope, MD) 
  14. Reevaluation Of Systemic Early neuromuscular blockade (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  15. MISTIE III -   A phase III, randomized, open-label, 500-subject clinical trial of minimally invasive surgery plus rt-PA in the treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage (Rishi Malhotra, MD) 
  16. Prevention of Severe Acute Respiratory Failure in Patients with PROOFcheck - an Electronic Checklist to Prevent Organ Failure (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  17. Clinical Trials Research Network for the Prevention and Early Treatment of Acute Lung Injury (PETAL Network) – Clinical Center (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  18. EP Vent 2 – A randomized controlled trial of mechanical ventilation directed by transpulmonary pressure in patients with acute lung injury (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  19. Modifying the Impact of ICU-Associated Neurological Dysfunction: The MIND-USA Study (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  20. LIPS-A: Lung Injury Prevention Study with Aspirin (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  21. Genetic susceptibility to developing acute lung injury (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  22. Surrogate consent issues in critical care research (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  23. Early Insulin Therapy and Development of ARDS (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
CDC Funded 
  1. Prospective Observational Data from Frontline US Healthcare Workers in the COVID-19 Pandemic (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  2. Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness for Preventing Laboratory-Confirmed Severe Influenza-Associated Illness in US Adults (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
AHRQ Funded 
  1. TREAT ECARDS: Translating Evidence into Action-Electronic Clinical Decision Support in ARDS (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
CMS Funded  
  1. Patient-centered Electronic Environment for Improving Acute Care Hospital Performance (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
FDA funded  
  1. Advancing Regulatory Science and Innovation: Facilitating Development of Medical Counter Measures to Protect Against Threats (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
Other Funded  
  1. An Adaptive Phase 2/3, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Study Assessing Efficacy and Safety of Sarilumab for Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19 (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  2. VICTAS: A multi-center, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, adaptive clinical trial of vitamin C, thiamine and steroidsas combination therapy in patients with sepsis (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  3. A Phase 3, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized, Double-Blind, Multi-Center Study of LJPC-501 in Patients with Catecholamine-Resistant Hypotension (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  4. Evaluation of novel biomarkers from acutely ill patients at risk for acute kidney injury (Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  5. A sample collection study to validate the Astute Medical NeprhoCheckTM test in critically ill subjects at risk for acute kidney injury ( Michelle Ng Gong, MD) 
  6. Effect of electronic cigarette use on cough reflex sensitivity (Peter Dicpinigaitis, MD) 


  1. Prediction of Functional Outcomes from Chronic Critical Illness; funded by NINR (PI: Aluko Hope, MD) -  
  2. Study of Treatment's Echocardiographic Mechanisms; funded by NHLBI (PI: Michelle Ng Gong, MD) -  
  3. Crystalloid Liberal or Vasopressors Early Resuscitation in Sepsis (CLOVERS); funded by NHLBI (PI: Michelle Ng Gong, MD) -  


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