Division of Allergy & Immunology

Rosenstreich Laboratory

1635a Poplar Street
Bronx, NY 10461

Fax: 718-405-8074

Beeper: 917-632-5295

Email: rosenstr@einsteinmed.org 


The Rosenstreich Laboratory and offices are located at 1635a Poplar Street, 2nd Floor, directly behind the Green Glass building on Eastchester Road.

The entrance to the laboratory is through 1695a Poplar Street (the Nuclear Medicine office, right off the parking lot). Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Alternatively, at the intersection of Poplar and Blondell, there is a metal stairway. Walk up one flight and enter the door on the left.

Buzz the Allergy office or the Cytogenetics office. The offices are through the laboratory area in the back. If there is a problem, call 718-405-8075 or beep Dr. Rosenstreich.

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