Division of Allergy & Immunology

Patient Care

The Montefiore Einstein Division of Allergy and Immunology offers patients the expertise of full-time faculty allergists at three different practice sites, specializing in allergic and immunologic conditions. We provide patients with expert diagnosis and a unique treatment approach that involves identifying and eliminating the cause of their allergies, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Montefiore Einstein faculty allergists regularly appear on year-end lists of the best physicians in the New York City area, and patients needing specialized care are often referred by their primary care physicians.

Conditions We Treat
Information about treatment for asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, urticaria, atopic dermatitis, and immune deficiency.

Drug Allergy and Desensitization
The Montefiore Medical Center Drug Allergy Center and Drug Desensitization Program offers full evaluation services to treat both common and uncommon potentially life-threatening drug reactions.

Asthma Center
The Montefiore Asthma Center unites allergists and pulmonologists in a single location to deliver comprehensive, consistent, targeted patient care for patients with the most complex cases of severe and refractory asthma.

Find a Doctor
Locate an Montefiore Einstein allergist through 1-866-MED-TALK.

Refer a Patient
Find an Montefiore Einstein allergist: Instructions for referring primary care physicians and patients.

Clinical Facilities
Listing of Montefiore outpatient facilities.

Hospitals and Affiliates
Montefiore Einstein affiliated treatment centers.

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