Department of Cell Biology



Location: Hosted Via Zoom
Time: Fridays starting at 12:00 noon
Schedule: WIP Schedule 2022-2023

Journal Club

Location: Hosted Via Zoom
Time: Alternate Wednesday (or Mondays) starting at 4:30 PM
Schedule: Journal Club Schedule 2022-2023.

Invited Speakers

Location: Hosted Via Zoom
Time: Wednesdays (Alternate weeks with Anatomy and Genetics) starting at 12:00 noon
Schedule: OS Schedule 2022-2023

Departmental Office

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Chanin Building, Room 405
New York, NY 10461

Telephone : 718.430.2815
Fax :            718.430.8574
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Upcoming Events

Zoom Meeting ID: 92864272075
12:00 noon
5th Floor Lecture Hall, Forchheimer

Friday, 04/21
Tihomira Todorova
Dr. Kenta Nishitani

Mentor: Drs. Steidl/Guo

Friday, 04/28
Dr. Shoichiro Takeshi
Dr. Anna Adam Artigues

Mentor: Drs. Frenette/Aguirre-Ghiso

Outside Speaker Seminar Series
Zoom Meeting ID: 95460903179
12:00 noon
3rd Floor Lecture Hall, Forchheimer

Wednesday, 04/19
Igor Slukvin, MD. Ph. D.
Host: Dr. Eric Bouhassira

Journal Club

Wednesday, 04/19
Anthony Griffen / John Hobbs
Mentor: Drs. Steidl/Guo  

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