Institute for Onco-Physics


Radiation Biology Research Laboratories: Integrated with Physics

Normal Tissue Response to Irradiation 

– metabolomics, proteomics and gene expression  

Stem cell and cellular regeneration program: 

Preparative irradiation for cell transplantation 

  1. Hepatocyte transplantation
  2. Neural progenitor cell
  3. Endothelial Cell transplantation
  4. Bone marrow
  5. Spinal Cord injury

Medical countermeasures against radiation and nuclear terrorism 

  1. Cell transplantation for radiation injury
  2. Radiation-induced liver disease
  3. Radiation-induced gastro-intestinal syndrome
  4. Radiation-induced lung fibrosis
  5. Radiation-induced kidney disease
  6. Radiation-induced CNS damage

Tumor Vaccines and Radiation-enhanced tumor vaccines 

  1. SBRT as an adjuvant to immunotherapy
  2. High Frequency Ultrasound (HIFU) top ablate tumors and release heat-shock proteins for tumor vaccination
  3. Development of novel tumor vaccines
  4. Novel angiogenic vaccines
  5. Clinical trials of SBRT and immunotherapy

Novel radiosensitizers: ATM and Plk1 as targets

  1. - Phase I trials of novel chemo-RT
  2. - Core facility for identifying targets for chemo-RT

Image-guided Stereotactic Radiosurgery  

  1. Radiobiology of large single fraction of RT (intestine, spinal cord, kidney, lung, liver, esophagus, airways and brain tolerance)
  2. Solid tumors of Liver, lung and pancreas
  3. Spinal cord and Brain

Onco-Physics Research Laboratories: Integrated with Biology 

i) Experimental Oncophysics

Ionizing Radiation  

  1. X-ray, Photons, Heavy Particle, Mixed Beam 
  2. IGRT, Risk Adaptive Biologically Optimized RT 
  3. Motion Management 

Non-Ionizing Radiation  

  2. ER Stress, UPR 
  3. Immune Modulation 
  4. ChemoRx 
  5. Drug Delivery 
  6. Microbubbles 
  7. Stem Cells 

II) Onco-Imaging MRI 

  1. MRS 
  2. PET/CT 
  3. US 
  4. MR/RT Plan 
  5. Optical Imaging 

III) Radiation Medicine Research  

  1. Radiogenomics 
  2. Radiation Systems Biology 
  3. Radioimmunology 
  4. Regenerative Medicine 
  5. Osteoimmunology 

Integrated Translational Research:  

  1. Target motion management 
  2. Biological treatment planning: Role of PET and PET-CT 
  3. Dynamic biological / adoptive treatment planning 
  4. MRS in cancer treatment and radiation planning 
  5. Integration of targeted therapies and image guided radiation techniques 

Clinical Research: 

  1. Development of investigator initiated trials in radiation oncology 
  2. Coordination of multi center protocols in radiation oncology 
  3. Physics Quality Assurance 
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