Gruss Magnetic Resonance Research Center

Information for Patients

Directions to the Gruss MRRC

We're easy to find. Follow these directions to get to the Einstein campus, and refer to the map to the right once on campus.  We're right next door to Weiler Hospital (the MRRC is #10 on the map).  Alternatively, you can open this waypoint (centered on the Sackett Avenue parking lot) in Google Maps or on your smartphone to get to the Sackett lot.


Most of our visitors find it convenient to park in the commercial lot along Sackett Avenue just out front of Weiler Hospital.  Parking is a flat $12 rate for a maximum of 12 hours.  Note that there may be a line to get into the lot; make sure you allow extra time for the wait, particularly in the mornings and around lunchtime. To get to the MRRC from the Sackett Avenue lot, exit the lot so you're facing Weiler Hospital and turn right. Go up the stairs to the right of the hospital and follow the signs to the "Gruss MRRC/MRI". Note that you will need to check in at the Security Desk inside any Einstein entrance.   

The day before your scan

Most types of MRI don't require dietary restrictions prior to imaging, but discuss the issue with your health care practictioner if you're unsure. Because metallic objects can be hazardous both for the MRI hardware and for the patients and technicians involved, a clean pair of scrubs will be provided for you the morning of your scan.  Women should not wear any kind of makeup since metals in makeup can react with the MRI magnet! 

The morning of your scan

You will be provided a locker for your jewelry, cell phone, bags, etc. as you will be required to remove them from your person for safety purposes. 

The MRRC does not assume responsibility for your valuables.




The Scan

Prior to entering the MRI, you will complete a safety screening form and be interviewed by the the MR technologist.  This screening is performed because some medical devices or conditions, such as pacemakers, may make it unsafe for you to have an MRI.  This process is for your safety and is confidential.

It's very important that you answer all questions honestly and completely; not doing so could create a dangerous environment for yourself.  The technologist will determine, based on the screening interview, if it is safe for you to have the MRI, and they may consult with the radiologist if necessary.  If you have ever ever had any medical device implanted, such as a coil, stent, filter, pump, or valve, it is very important to bring any information you have about the device (such as an implant ID card) with you to your appointment. 

For your safety, please also adhere to the following instructions:

  • Please do not wear any makeup.
  • Keep in mind that you will be required to remove all jewelry including body piercings.  If you anticipate a problem, please contact us in advance.
  • If you use any type of medication skin patch, ask your doctor if it will be okay to remove it for the MRI.  If you anticipate a problem, please contact us in advance.

The technologist will be able to hear you and speak to you through an intercom during the scan.  They will remind you to keep still and may ask you to hold your breath, depending on the type of MRI you require.  Listen closely to any instructions given to you by the MR technologist.  If you are unable to do what they ask or are uncomfortable at any time, let the technologist know.  In addition to the intercom, a button will be placed in your hand at the start of the scan.  Pressing this button will alert the technologist that you need something or wish to speak to them. 


What happens next

Following your scan, you will change back into your clothes and retrieve your belongings.  Your MRI will reviewed by the radiologist, who will send a report to your health care practitioner. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask the MRI technologist. The radiologist is also available to answer your questions, if necessary.
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